The problems of news disovery, distribution and making it available across different devices

The internet has changed the world of news content creation, distribution & discovery.

Phenomenons such as blogs, Twitter, Google News, RSS feeds & Facebook have fueled

a. the amount of content (1 billion tweet per week on twitter in march 2011)

b. the fragmentation of content (there were 126 millions blogs worldwide according to BlogPulse)

c. the discovery of content (40% of users come through refferals linking to the news site, Google News beeing responsible for around 30% in the US)

Still, no company has solved the problem to read news on all devices, discover new relevant sources and stay up-to-date with the preferred topics across different devices. Probably, there might never be one company combining all these services (maybe Google with News, Reader & Android) – so I combine what’s there today.

That’s how I do it:

For aggregation of news via RSS feeds, I use Google reader. Every news source is saved in a folder of interest (e.g. SponsorPay, Global News, Start-up Scene Germany, Berlin Events, Tech News etc.). The advantage is to have one central place. Folders are necessary for cross device usage (see below).

I read news on my iPad & iPhone and use Flipboard (iPad) and Pulse (iPhone as there is no Flipboard yet). Both offer a pretty time efficient way to add your Google reader folders as a section, so basically they are a Google ready, but with a much nice display and the opportunity to interact with the news (to like, comment stuff).

On top of my Google folders, I add sources such as Twitter for discovery & Facebook content reasons.

The missing part right now is a great RSS feed from Quora, but I’m sure they’re working on it.



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